The Ponies :)

This is a page all about the ponies I ride/ have ridden. I hope you enjoy reading about them all. (Just a warning, there are quite a few :P )

- Ross. This was the pony that taught me to ride <3 He lives at Rycroft and is retiring soon. He is an absolute star, and is perfect for a rider of any ability x

- Prinnie. I’m sad to say this little girl is no longer with us <3 Prinnie also taught me to ride, and was loved by everybody who knew her. R.I.P little girl. She is currently buried in one of the fields at Rycroft.

- Crackers. This little guy taught me to jump low fences, and he taught older riders to jump bigger fences and longer courses. All I can say is, I miss him, and I owe a lot to him for teaching me to ride. He currently lives at Wellington.


I’m sorry, this page will be finished at a later date.

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